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Micoley.com, in affiliation with W.M. Enterprises, Inc. ("Micoley.com") offers a complete portfolio of real estate services, specializing in auctions and sales events. Our innovative approach to real estate provides unique solutions to the challenges presented by today’s market. Micoley.com's sales inventory features a wide variety of properties throughout the United States, from single family homes and multi-family residences to commercial buildings, investment real estate, mortgage notes, and vacant land. Micoley.com’s listings often include government and bank-owned foreclosures, frequently available at great bargains.


Sellers choose Micoley.com for our superior service and ability to get the job done quickly. Micoley.com attracts motivated sellers such as builders finishing a project, residential or commercial sellers who've grown weary of traditional methods, owners settling an estate, lenders seeking a rapid sale, and government entities. All sales are open to the public - which means you don't need a real estate broker to purchase your property.


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Online home auctions give buyers a chance to explore a wide range of properties within a very short amount of time. Savvy buyers can also use home auctions online to get great deals on properties they could not afford otherwise. Online home auctions also make it easy for you to explore houses in other cities. If you plan to move to a new city in the near future, you can use the online auction to compare different homes in the area. You could also use online auctions to purchase rental properties outside of your geographic area. With a house auction online, you can find the perfect location without flying all over the country to look at the real estate.

A residential property auction could help you find and buy a house that feels like real home. You don’t have to use auctions to buy for yourself, though. Many people prefer residential property online auctions and residential listings because they want to purchase houses that they can rent or flip for a profit. Buying real estate at lower prices obviously means that you can make more money from your investments. You might even find an excellent deal on houses outside of your geographic area. Without an online residential property auction, chances are that you would never find these opportunities without spending a lot of time and money.


Buying commercial property often costs a significant amount of money. High prices can stand in the way of a great business plan. Fortunately, commercial online auctions make it possible for buyers to purchase commercial real estate at lower prices. Instead of struggling to raise enough money, you could start moving your business idea forward sooner by using online commercial auctions.

There are many types of commercial real estate for sale that you might want to explore before deciding which one matches your needs best. An online commercial property auction makes it easy for you to explore a wide range of real estate options.

Using online commercial property auctions could also mean that you get to explore more options. If you rely on a real estate agent, then you only get to see the listings that the agent’s company has in your area. That might work for you if you know the exact type of property that you need. If, however, you’re open to other opportunities that could improve your project's success, it makes sense to use an online auction.

Online commercial auctions can also help you buy properties at considerably lower prices. That’s an important consideration when putting together your business plan and deciding what you can afford to invest. Bidding on commercial property through an online auction gives you more buying power because you get to decide how much you think each property is worth to you. You don’t have to pay the asking price. Instead, you make a bid that feels comfortable to you. That could help you save tens of thousands of dollars (if not more), especially if you purchase a large commercial property that has already been developed.

Micoley.com, LLC, in affiliation with W.M. Enterprises, Inc. is an auction company and marketing firm.