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Register as a Broker

Broker Participation Policy

1. Broker must be licensed in the state in which the property is located. 

2. Broker must register buyer and submit Broker Participation Form NO LATER THAN FORTY-EIGHT (48) HOURS PRIOR TO auction registration. The Broker who submits the first complete Broker Participation Form will be considered the procuring Broker. 

3. Broker must show the property to registered buyer and review the complete Bidders Packet with registered buyer prior to submitting a bid. 

4. Broker must attend auction event and register buyer for a bid number. To register buyer for a bid number, Broker must present this form indicating its acceptance by Micoley.com in affiliation with W.M. Enterprises, Inc. at the auction event. 

5. Broker’s registered buyer must be the high bidder with a binding Purchase Contract for the property. 

6. Broker must certify they are not acting as a principal in the transaction. Neither seller nor auctioneer will pay commissions to any Broker participating in the purchase of property. Broker may not represent themselves or any immediate family members (e.g.; spouse, siblings, parents, etc.). In addition, Brokers may not be a party to any entity such as a corporation, business or trust purchasing the property. 

7. Broker must assist in any reasonable request toward execution of the Purchase Contract by Broker’s registered buyer. 

8. The Broker’s registered buyer must close the transaction in accordance with the Purchase Contract. 

Provided the all of the above listed conditions are met in full, the undersigned Broker will earn a commission equal to 1.75% of the final purchase price. No other commissions or fees will be paid to the participating Broker unless specifically agreed to in writing by Micoley.com in affiliation with W.M. Enterprises, Inc. Commissions will be paid only after closing when Micoley.com in affiliation with W.M. Enterprises, Inc., has been paid their commission in full. There will be no exceptions made to the above Broker Participation Policy. 

By executing this Agreement, the parties hereto agree to the terms and conditions contained within this agreement. This agreement will be of no effect until executed and accepted by Micoley.com in affiliation with W.M. Enterprises, Inc. 


Click here to download Broker Registration Form.