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Sell your Non-Accruals

Sell Before OREO

  • Non-accrual loans are at a staggering, unprecedented amount.
  • Our “parallel marketing system”, combined with the use of our event strategies, has proven very effective in reducing nonaccruals and enhancing the return on assets. This strategy allows financial institutions to avoid the stigmatization and vandalism of properties and other expenses related to foreclosure. The “event” strategies strategy promote negotiations prior to the auction date, therefore saving time and resources.

What You Do

  • Lenders make the owners aware of our service.
  • We do an independent analysis of the portfolio with marketing strategies and expected minimum sale pricing which are in turn, communicated to associated owners and lenders.
  • Lenders have a true known evaluation prior to negotiations and the ability to forecast true market values for write downs.
  • Owners and lenders have a pro-active system in place to conclude the sale of the assets.