The decision to sell your property with is one that provides a variety of excellent benefits, as our ongoing goal is to create "urgency in the marketplace where none exists."

A Transparent Process

There are no hidden fees or other unpleasant surprises when you work with the team, as we don’t charge clients unless the property sells.

Dollars to Good Use

We put the marketing dollars in full force, to market your properties and increase exposure. We actively conduct market research to determine the most effective way to get your property in-front of the highest quality of buyers and get your property sold!

Sense of Urgency

The online auction marketplace creates a sense of urgency, as buyers have limited time to obtain the property they’ve been eyeing.

Active Part of Negotiations

Unlike traditional means of selling, our online auction allows you to play an active part in negotiations with the lender. You are in full control of deciding the price point at which your listing sells.

Sale and Closing Day Selection

From listing to closing, we are here every step of the day. The closing date is completely in your hands. Otherwise, we are always more than willing to assist you in selecting a day that meets your needs.

Reduction in Costs

The ability to sell your property within a 30-day period significantly reduces continued costs, such as mortgage payments and those relating to property maintenance.