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Private Sellers

In today’s real estate market, the inventory of available properties is soaring. Real estate brokerage signs dot the landscape like never before. Bank foreclosures are at an all time high and the news media is telling potential buyers that “deals” are everywhere.

What does this mean to you? Well, if you are either trying to sell, or thinking of selling your home, you need your home to catch the attention of the buyer pool. You need your home to rise above the clutter. You need enthusiastic buyers ready to take a close look at your property in order to fall in love with what it has to offer.

Our “Parallel” marketing plan, which combines the best of the traditional “listing” method of marketing with the sense of urgency developed by an accelerated or “pre-auction” marketing plan, can do just that. It is designed to create the necessary awareness of your property in the marketplace by creating a synergistic effect caused by the complimentary relationship of the two distinctly different marketing strategies.

The question you need to answer is: do you simply WANT to sell your home? Or, do you actually NEED to sell your home? Our “Parallel” marketing plan can actually help both groups.

Those that WANT to sell and have relatively strong equity position in the property may be an ideal candidate for an auction. An example would be:

  • A Seller who has an offer accepted on their dream property with a “home sale contingency”.
  • A Seller who has an opportunity to invest the proceeds of investment property into another investment that produces a greater rate or return, or presents a lesser degree of risk.

In the above situations, the seller needs to look at the transaction of buying and selling as a whole, realizing the NET benefits derived from both sides collectively, rather than micro-analyzing each side of the transaction independently. In other words, taking a little less on the sale of a property is OK if the financial or other gains are proportionate on the purchase side of the next transaction.

Conversely, those that NEED to sell will also find the “auction” method of sales as a bona-fide alternative to what is currently available to them in the marketplace. Ideal candidates include those who are facing:

  • Relocation
  • Divorce
  • An Estate settlement
  • Financial hardship — job loss, health issues, etc.
  • Pre-foreclosure action

If you are facing one of these challenges, please understand that we are sensitive to your situation. We also know that the sale of your home is one of the biggest keys to working your way out of the situation you may be in. We will focus on your individual situation and develop a strategy that will make the most of these difficult times.

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We will determine quickly whether we feel our real estate services could benefit you and your unique situation.