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Hear From Our Clients

Our customers depend on us to provide honest, reliable information and exceptional customer service.  We strive every day to exceed those expectations.


My husband and I needed to sell a rental property, due to the demands of his job. We tried to sell it for the last three years or so, with an agent and on our own. When we weren’t getting any offers, we decided to go with Micoley.com. We were able to get an offer, but faced some very difficult snags with legal issues, which, in turn, involved the bank. Micoley.com went way beyond their duties to help us negotiate the problem and we were able to resolve it. I would highly recommend that you consider dealing with Micoley.com if you are considering the sale or purchase of a property!
~Michele & John Brock


At Nicolet Bank, we use Micoley for all of our real estate needs.  Their perspective is unique to the industry, as they know what conversations are happening in the board room and with the regulators.  This experience over the past 20+ years, has helped them tailor and develop REO resolutions that help financial institutions accomplish their objectives.  Although we don’t always like their numbers, they are extremely accurate.
~Mike Daniels, President, Nicolet National Bank


WHEDA has been working directly with Micoley for over 10 years. We value their expertise, ability to handle unique situations and they are always willing to try new techniques to try and liquidate our REO assets as soon as possible.
~Wendy Zahler, Mortgage Loan Advisor, WHEDA


Had I not used your services, the taxes and maintenance would have ultimately consumed all the equity in the property. Amazingly, the contract price was fair. I am relieved to have been able to liquidate these funds. Thanks again for a smooth transaction, good communication and prompt service.
~Steven P. Cotsirilos


Security Financial Bank is a community bank of $300 million in assets. We needed a partner with a reasonable marketing plan that would quickly liquidate the property. We have found Micoley to be true to their word and diligent in managing all of the processes discussed with true professionalism. We could not have asked for a better business partner.
~James F. Mayo, President and Chief Executive Officer, Security Financial Bank


Baylake Bank has worked with Micoley for several years on numerous real estate projects including operational, valuation, consulting and sale components. We have found them to be organized, knowledgeable, professional and innovative when it comes to the management of problem assets within our portfolio. We continue to utilize their services and recommend them to others looking for similar skill sets.
~Dave Miller, Chief Credit Officer, Baylake Bank


I was working with a bank in selling lots in Wisconsin. The lots weren’t moving, so I listed with Micoley. In two weeks, we sold all nine lots! Everyone involved with the transactions were very happy with the results.
~William C. Bain


The organization I work for engaged Micoley to sell several of our properties.  I had the good fortune to work with Micoley who executed the sale of each property to our satisfaction.  In fact, they exceeded our expectations, given the real estate market this past year.  I found Micoley to be professional, knowledgeable, and extremely responsive; a true pleasure to work with.
~David Van Dyke