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In today’s market, the question is “How do we maximize our inventory sold and create new buyer leads?”

The Solution
Micoley.com, is in business to increase your business. We have created alliances with Agents and Brokers, just like you, across the Real Estate Market. This is a truly unique opportunity to create more buyer leads, retain more listings, create opportunity to expand into new Real Estate markets, and obtain and sell more listings. And, here’s the part you are really going to like! This opportunity is totally free; you pay nothing unless we make you a commission! Yes, we put skin in the game on your properties, to bring you buyers, help get your listings extended, and expand your business. We are a proactive Real Estate marketing firm here to get action on your listings.

Real Estate Agent & Broker Advantages to Working with Micoley.com.
Now is the time to be proactive rather than reactive. Real Estate is a financially risky business. Think about the money you spend on Marketing, and the time you spend obtaining and servicing listings. What if you could turn wasted time, money, and energy into time you could spend on what matters most? Building relationships with clients is key to any market, and here at Micoley.com we do all the hard work so you can focus on what matters most to each individual client’s situation.

Micoley.com has changed the rules to selling and marketing Real Estate. This is a proven process that generates leads, sells properties and has no up-front fees. We only get paid when and if you do! We have sold 1,000’s of properties across the county; all types and sizes.

“I had a very challenging, high priced property listed for well over a year and had 3 showing total in that amount of time. Once I enlisted the help and marketing power of Micoley.com, we have had 8 showing in about 2 months and are expecting it to sell next week!” – Dan Spransy; Realty Executives Cooper Spransy

“I’ve been working with Micoley.com over the past 2 years and have found their marketing plan, sales strategies, and scope of influence over the buyer pools approach to purchasing Real Estate, like no other company. They consistently build demand for their listings, sell them in a timely manner, and create value in the transaction. This system works, and it works really well.” – Erik Ulvog; Realty Executives Integrity

“We just go on board using the Micoley.com Sales Event system in the past few months. To date, I have 15 properties in the system, with a listing value of about $2 million. I have one property that received an accepted offer within 2 weeks of it going live. I’ve seen a huge uptick in listing activity on the remaining properties and there are other offers in the works. With no prior experience in this type of marketing, I have to say I’m pleased with the activity to date.” – George Krause; RE/MAX Port Cities Realtors

We have many opportunities for you to learn more about all the services we offer Agents and Brokers. We personally promise you that the Micoley.com system can change your business and make you more money.

For more information on marketing your properties via the Micoley.com system, contact Peter Palermiti or Chris Schwartz at marketmyrealestate@micoley.com or 866-370-9176. 

We offer group meetings, webinars and one on one consultations.

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